Vital honey for men from the official website Royal Honey works on:

  • Increases sexual desire, prolongs sexual intercourse, improves sexual ability, treats infections, increases the speed and movement of the seminal vesicles. Increases orgasm and self-confidence. Strengthens the erection. Stimulates blood circulation. Increases the amount of semen.

Malaysian organic honey

The original Malaysian bio honey. The exclusive agent in Saudi Arabia, the Royal House Store

Malaysian bio honey is the best type of Malaysian royal honey for men. It is a honey of excitement, vitality and regeneration. Bio honey gives you strong and distinct sexual performance and stronger erection with an increase in the feeling of excitement and high ecstasy. It strengthens sexual feelings with high self-confidence and a double increase in activity and recurring desire. Also know about Malaysian royal honey.

Vital honey VIP

The VIP honey and large debris before the repulsion while retaining the pollen, then the honey is heated to become more liquid in order to facilitate the filtering process, and was supported with dried caviar.

vital honey ingredients

Bio honey ingredients: pure natural honey powder for Arva. Tonket roots and sturgeon caviar. Caviar rich in omega-3 minerals

original bio honey

The original bio honey works to stimulate blood circulation, thus it works on:

Vital honey for men

The difference between the original and imitation biological honey

The original bio honey does not dissolve in water, it remains solid.

As for imitation honey, it contains impurities when dissolved in water.

It does not contain extra sweetness, but imitation honey when you taste it feels extra sweet.

The original bio honey smells close to the smell of flowers, while the imitation honey has no flower smell on it, but it smells artificial.

How to use organic honey

How to use organic honey:

Add a tablespoon of honey to a glass of water.

It is recommended to take it at least half an hour before sexual intercourse.

But if it is used for the benefit of the general public and to strengthen immunity, honey is taken three hours after eating.

Its effect lasts for 48 hours, so it is advised not to take it on a daily basis.

Side effects for some people:

Avoid taking it by people who are allergic to bee pollen or honey.

Not to be used by patients with high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

And patients with ischemia and renal failure.

Negatively affects patients with angina pectoris, diabetes and liver

Benefits of Malaysian Bio honey:

The benefits of Malaysian biological honey It is considered safe and beneficial to public health, as biological honey contributes to improving the health and nutrition of humans, and honey is anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant.

This honey treats a range of diseases that men may suffer from during sexual intercourse, and it is a natural remedy to improve male performance due to its rich content of active elements.

This is because it contains important vitamins for the body, which give it activity, energy and vitality, such as vitamin B complex.

It contains fertility stimulants, called fertility vitamins, and also works to stimulate the very important blood circulation during intercourse, and some use honey mixtures for this purpose.

Bio honey for men:

Malaysian Bio honey for men is very effective and excellent

The elderly suffer from deterioration of sexual performance and decreased desire and ability to maintain the same sexual performance previously, but the solution is found in vital honey to maintain and restore the activity and physical vitality of the organs and lax nerves.

Bio honey has many very important benefits

It increases their sexual desire in a clear way.

– Increases and strengthens erection

It improves performance and delays ejaculation.

– Balances hormones

– Stimulates blood circulation

– Solves age-related sexual problems such as prostate, genital problems, weakness, weakness, and organ laxity

Activating memory and regulating sexual motivation and preserving it from deficiency.

– Improves sperm quality.

Stimulates their mental and muscular activity.

Helps prolong sexual intercourse and maintain erection.

It enhances sexual arousal and a sense of pleasure.

It increases stamina during a relationship.

Bio honey for women

Vital honey for women is one of its most important benefits:

  • Enhances the female hormone. – Makes the skin look fresh and radiant always, as well as delays the signs of aging. It treats hair weakness and hair loss problems. Strengthens hair follicles from roots to ends, and prevents split ends. It helps a lot in getting rid of excess weight and getting a healthy, harmonious body. One tablespoon of honey daily on an empty stomach contributes to significant weight loss. It reduces the levels of harmful cholesterol in the blood. Honey contains fewer calories than regular sugar, so you can, while following the diet, replace sugar with honey and add it to foods and drinks.-It gives women fitness and high physical and sexual energy. – Works to regulate the body’s hormones and give women the sexy appearance and sexual ability required to satisfy the other party – Relieves the severity of the pain women feel during or after the marital relationship. – Honey protects against sexual diseases that affect intercourse, because it contains natural antibiotics – Stimulates female hormone production in women. – Increases sexual desire and orgasm.

Benefits of bio honey for women for pregnancy:

  • Improves fertility and speed of pollination. It regulates the various hormones in the body and makes a balance that increases the chances of fertilization and fertilization. It improves the quality of eggs and enhances the vitality in the wall and tissues of the uterus. It is considered a natural sterilizer and protects the reproductive system from exposure to infections and venereal diseases such as dryness, friction, fungi and bacteria. It improves blood circulation in the body.

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